V vrtincih časov

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    Page layout for a book

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  • Typefaces

    Playfair Display


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    Katja Pahor

V vrtincih časov (In the swirl of time) is a book of memoirs, short novels, folk tales. The story goes through four generations in Slovenia – from the grand-grand parents of author Almira Marušič to her children – at times depicting family members and at times bringing back oral legends that were traditionally passed on in the villages.

The book cover was created with this in mind: it shows a photo from World War II, portraying the author’s grandfather and mother (as a kid), combined with a stylized family tree and a pattern resembling the Slovenian symbols. The colors follow this theme too: vintage yellow to recall old paper, red and blue for the female and male part of the family, as well as the Slovenian colors.

In the book, each short story is separated by a dot, while special sections and songs are written in italic. Titles are large and bold, since they serve as divider for the different time periods.