• Project:

    Page layout and articles for a cultural magazine

  • Year:

    Since 2012

  • Fields:


  • Typefaces

    Franklin Gothic

    Chaparral Pro

  • Created with:

    Katja Pahor

Razpotja is a cultural magazine published by the humanistic society of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It is divided in different parts: the theme section – each issue focuses on a different subject – and the regular columns, hosting articles about other topics.

We co-designed – with Razpotja’s regular designer Katja Pahor – 6 issues in the past five years. While the layout of the magazine is more or less fixed (especially the column sections), each issue has different cover and illustrations and is based on two different colors.

In the same period, we also wrote more than a dozen articles for the magazine, sometimes for the theme section, sometimes about new media and movies/TV series.