Nova Gorica’s NYE

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    Identity for city events

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  • Typefaces

    Proxima Nova

    Botanica Script

  • Color scheme

  • Created with:

    Katja Pahor

Every year, the municipality of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, organizes a series of events in its main square (markets, a book fair, concerts, ice-skating) to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

In 2016, we co-designed with Katja Pahor the visual identity of the year’s edition: we created a simple and stylized set of icons inspired by the city of Nova Gorica, by the events we were promoting and, more generally, by the winter holiday spirit itself. Blue was chosen as the main color, while red and yellow were used for details and highlights.

With these icons, we then realized various promotional material, both for print and digital use, like posters, brochures, invitations, coupons, stickers, greeting card, awards, social media and other banners.

Based on this project, we also created the visual identity for Mesto knjige, one of the celebration’s events.