Njam Zgodbe

  • Project:

    Identity for a yearly food bloggers' event

  • Year:

    Since 2014

  • Fields:

    , ,

  • Typefaces

    Odin Rounded

    Grand Hotel

  • Color scheme

  • Created with:

    Tina Šmon

Njam zgodbe is an annual event and award for Slovenian food bloggers, organized by journalists Mateja Delakorda and Iva Gruden since 2014.

For the first edition, we designed – in collaboration with Tina Šmon – the event’s visual identity. The logo follows along the two key concepts of the event: food and digital writing, represented by cooking hat and cutlery on one side, computer mouse on the other. In addition, when needed, the mouse can be substitute with the date of the current edition.

Each year, we also created different digital presentation kit, banners for social media, invitations, posters, flyers, awards and digital badges. In 2014, the identity was based on the color orange and  all icons and decorations where either from the cooking world (pans, plates, cooking gears…) or from the digital world (keyboard, camera, digital gears…). For the next year, we added the idea of the ribbon and the color turquoise, while the edition of 2016 had a new identity based on a whole new bunch of icons representing Slovenian traditional food, dishes and drink.